Daylight’s End: Filming This Weekend

Daylight's EndGot the call yesterday around 6 p.m., just as I was about to go to my friend Devin’s house for a sleepover. Instead, I’m working on a zombie movie this weekend.  The movie is called Daylight’s End  and the director is William Kaufman (The Hit List, Prodigy, One in the Chamber).

I’m just an extra, but it should be fun. We’re filming in the old Dallas City Hall and police station — the place where Lee Harvey Oswald was shot back in 1963 after the Kennedy Assasination.  They’ve been filming for awhile, and several of my friends have been in it before, but I was out of town.

Dakota and Corey Buchanan were talking about it last night at Nancy Chartier’s acting class — they got an email asking them to work this weekend, too, and when I got home, I had one, too.  So it will be cool to work on a film with people I know and like. 

One thing that should be fun is that the costume director (Stephen Chudej) is going to do all o the costumes, and they have some great make-up people on set, too.  So I am very excited about that.  Here’s what we were told about the film:

“The story takes place three years after the world has collapsed and the people are living in dire times…barely hanging on. It’s a post-apocalyptic zombie movie, where the survivors are doing just that: fighting to survive.” 

I hope my part as an extra gets upgraded and I get some lines!  You never know…


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