Circus Smirkus Session IV — Stumble Through

Well, camp is over, and Kameron is in Las Vegas visiting his grandparents there. Here are some additional photos that were posted on the Circus Smirkus CIT (counselor in training) blog and Flickr Photostream during the last few days of camp. Most of them are from the “stumble through” — that is the first attempt at doing the whole end-of-camp show.  Can’t wait to see the videos!  As with the others, I am posting them now, and when Kameron gets back from vacation, he can explain, edit, or delete as he sees fit. — Kameron’s Grandma Deb

Circus Smirkus Session IV 2013

There were three photos in this series, of Kameron flipping a laughing girl around in partner acro class.

Circus Smirkus Session 13 2013

I have no idea what’s happening in this photo — but Kameron looks as if he’s having fun!

Circus Smirkus Session IV 2013 Clown Alley

This photo was AFTER the one above in the photostream, but it looks to me as if it should be before. Can’t wait for the explanation!

Circus Smirkus Session IV 2013 Juggling Rings

This looks familiar — we see this almost every day around our house!

Circus Smirkus Session IV 2013

This is another one that’s going to have to wait for an explanation — it was captioned “Stumble Through”, so I assume it’s part of the show.

Circus Smirkus Session IV 2013

Kameron is on the lyra (aerial ring) in this photo — wonder if he was in an aerial act in the show? Earlier, he mentioned trapeze, but I haven’t seen any photos of him on the trapeze, so I will have to wait for the video!

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