Advocate Magazine Video!

During the Lone Star Circus School’s day camp in June, Christina Hughes Babb, the editor of the Lake Highlands Advocate, visited camp.  She interviewed me, and Alora Scavella, and Nic Rainone (Zerp the Clown), and is planning on doing a story about the school in the September or October issue of the magazine. 

In the meantime, she posted the video of her interview with us on YouTube, and said that I could share it here. 

One of the things that Miss Alora says in the video is how much she likes it when one of her students “gets it” and starts to feel confident about what they’ve done. That’s true — it’s one of the best things about Lone Star Circus School.

When I screw up, or have trouble with something, the coaches are right there to help me. I’m probably the worst kid in the advanced silks class, but nobody laughs at me, and nearly everybody in the class has offered to help. 

I’m a good juggler, and a pretty good clown, but silks are hard for me.  When I finally do something perfectly, all the coaches are jumping up and down and applauding, and so are the other kids. Miss Alora turned cartwheels when I finally climbed to the top of the silks after months and months of trying and not being strong enough to do it. She was as happy as I was. It would have made me fall over laughing if I wasn’t about 20 feet off the ground holding on for dear life.

One thing is for sure. Lone Star Circus school is fun. You don’t have to be a gymnast or even be skinny to be in the circus (I’m not).  You don’t have to be extra strong or have some special talent to come to class. There’s something in the circus that everyone can do — in the air, on the ground, or even backstage. And the coaches at Lone Star Circus will help anyone find their talent.  They really are great !

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