31 Days to Circus Smirkus!

I got a surprise package from Vermont today: three Circus Smirkus t-shirts!  One of them says, “I ran away to Smirkus.”  I’m going to do just that in exactly 31 days — I can’t wait!

You can tell the shirts came from a circus store: they were rolled up really tight, so they were ready to juggle. 

Circus Smirkus t-shirts

Circus Smirkus t-shirts arrive tightly rolled, with rubber bands around them, so they’re ready to juggle!

2 thoughts on “31 Days to Circus Smirkus!

  1. Kameron – I hope you have a wonderful time at Smirkus. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Jesse’s Mom ( Cynthia)

  2. Thank you very much! I saw Jess yesterday, and she’s leaving for California about the same time I’ll be in my last week at Smirkus camp. Can’t wait!

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