The Cartoon Poodles

The Cartoon Poodles

I’m getting really excited about Cirque Banquisté!  It’s December 27 through January 1.  Eight shows, with some great circus performers from all over the world.  I’m part of the pre-show, where students from the Lone Star Circus School perform.It’s at Dallas Children’s Theater, and you can get discount tickets at — we sold out for some performances last year, so buy them now.  It’s a great outing for the whole family, and teens up to 17 can get in on a child’s ticket, so my grandma says it’s a bargain, too.

Slappy & Monday -- the best clowns in the world!

Slappy & Monday — the best clowns in the world!

I can’t wait to see The Cartoon Poodles, hand balancer Ricardo Sosa, juggler Gena Cristiana, acrobats Matt Richardson and The Laurino Brothers, Simone Marina Lazar on the aerial silks, and the international ambassador of Giggleland, Mr. Gordoon.I’ve seen all of them on YouTube, and they’re all great.


But I admit that there are three acts I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing.  I never get tired of seeing Slappy and Monday, the best clowns in the world.  (They’re also the best teachers, and nicest people, too.)  And Jesse Patterson is making her professional debut in this show.  I love, love, love what Jesse can do with hula hoops.  It’s absolutely amazing.


Kirill Rebkovets

Kirill Rebkovets

I’ve only seen him on YouTube, but I can’t wait to see Kirill Rebkovets on his rola bola.  He stacks the pipes so high, and then does amazing balancing acts on top.  It makes me tired to think about how much practice he must have to do.So come to the show — and come early, because I go on about 45 minutes before the curtain goes up on the main stage.

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