Practicing and Rehearsing

This is our family room. I practice in here sometimes when it’s too hot to practice outdoors, or when it’s raining. Look at our dog Jack — he’s hiding between the chairs — juggling really scares him. He’s a big ‘fraidy cat!

Right now I’m just going over old stuff. I’m really working on clubs and passing and rings right now. But I won’t put up any pictures of that yet. Soon, though!

2 thoughts on “Practicing and Rehearsing

  1. Impressive skills! I like the photos of you balancing, though it looks like hard work and I think I’d fall over.

    We have a little terrier who I think would try and join in rather than hide 🙂

    Well done on a great blog!

  2. Thank you! We have a Tibetan Terrier puppy named Raglan, and one named Suchi. They don’t like the balance board but Suchi will try to steal my juggling balls if I drop one. She’s already chewed up one of the sticks I use to spin plates. My grandma said I had to buy a new one with my own money because I left it on the floor instead of putting it away. I won’t do that again…those things are a lot more expensive than you’d think a stick would be!

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