• Kameron Badgers in make-up for June 14, 2017 photo shoot.

    Today’s On Set Experience: “The Innocent-Looking Terrorist”

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  • Kameron Badgers Headshots July 2016

    Booked a New Film Role – As a Serial Killer!

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  • Kameron Badgers

    Actors Headshots: What You Need To Know Before & After the Shoot

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  • Marco Bottiglieri Ashla Soter Nancy Chartier Kameron Badgers

    Want to be in a movie? Here’s how anybody can do it

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  • Dallas teen actor Kameron Badgers in a screen capture from a taped audition September 2015

    First Week of Fall = Busiest Week So Far This Year

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  • Kameron Badgers in Nerf Night promo

    “Nerf Night”: Hunting Aliens for a Cause

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