• Kameron Badgers

    Actors Headshots: What You Need To Know Before & After the Shoot

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    Want to be in a movie? Here’s how anybody can do it

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  • Dallas teen actor Kameron Badgers in a screen capture from a taped audition September 2015

    First Week of Fall = Busiest Week So Far This Year

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  • Kameron Badgers in Nerf Night promo

    “Nerf Night”: Hunting Aliens for a Cause

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  • This is me with Del Shores at the end of yesterday's acting bootcamp. We had to prepare two scenes (a monoloque and a 5-line script for a bit  part, something we'd auditioned for but not gotten), and then he gave us another scene we had to cold read. Lots of work, but worth it!

    Del Shores Audition Workshop

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  • Clown Noses

    Saturday Night at Home

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